How to connect Samsung android phone internet to pc

How to connect Samsung android phone internet to pc



Question may arise that internet in Samsung android Smartphone can be used in your personal desktop without WIFI ?


Answer is yes :)



What all you need to use internet on your pc from Samsung android phones?


1. Kies (Download this software for appropriate Samsung model from Google)

Download a software tool for supporting your Appropriate Samsung model. Install it by the easiest way next-next-next-finish :D

2. Active Data Pack in your Phone (Any SIM will work but with Active Net-


3. Enable the Data Pack Option

4. Cable to connect with your computer USB port.



So, let’s Learn how to do this exactly ?


Mobile settings :

Step 1 :



Select Wireless And Networks



Select Mobile networks



Activate your data connection



Get the option under “Tethering and Port Host”


Step 2:


Follow the Below pictorial tutorial for mobile part

to active your DATA PACK and to Enable USB tethering.

This USB tethering option will enable when you will connect that USB cord at both the end.

Check PC side :

Step 3:

After the second step check in your PC ,in your networking section a connection will establish, of your Samsung mobile because of Kies tool.


    GUI of Kies software



Not connected,means your USB Tethering is off,Switch it on




connect 1



connect 2



connect 3



Step 4:

Therefore , enjoy your internet on your personal Computer

speed down



- How to connect Samsung android phone

internet to pc

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